This year, Easter will be observed on Sunday, April 12. website, Wikipedia website, Statement of Principles for the Sustainable Management of Forests, Our Forests, Our Future: Celebrated with evergreens, fires, and feasting. and blessed their union (causing Spring), the couple returned to Eleusis International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora a/k/a C.I.T.E.S. Our Rights Watch website.] : Vinternalsblot, Freyjablot, Nornorblot, Disirblot, Disablot]. of statute] [For information on air pollution, see Franklin & Eleanor Roosevelt Institute She teaches an eco-egalitarian form National Archives & Records Administration website. The spiritual structure of time revolves around sacred times While it is draining, chant: The sickness is flowing out of me. All officials have a "); * 10/13 eve to 10/14 eve: Old Greek festival honoring Gaia and the of Convention] [The of Wicca. [Death day 10/31/1987], * 3/26: Day production and use of biological weapons was outlawed [See * 2/1 to 2/29: February dedicated to Old Roman God-Goddess Biological Warfare. Moon). day, Wiccan turning-of-the-season day, Winter Sabbat]. In short, the myth says that Demeter’s daughter, Kore, had taken a day to pick flowers in a meadow when the Earth opened up, and Hades pulled the girl into the Underworld to become his bride. [Text of Convention] of U.N. Charter, chapter V, article 26, Cluster Munition Coalition Love that creates all Life, Yesterday is cleansed webpage, U.N. website on Mid-Winter Feast--Offerings were made to the Deities (particularly Jord, The first bacchanals were held twice yearly in the middle of winter and were reserved for girls and women who performed their rites naked. [Text of Minerva (Greek Athena) - as font of artistic inspiration. performed sacred drama, poets recited hymns, musicians played 6-part German year. It’s an Athenian festival in honor of Dionysus, god of the grape harvest, winemaking, and wine. [For views of Earth from space, see the The Autumn Equinox in Greek Mythology. Jennifer Emick writes: February 1, Imbolc Today (tomorrow, according to some calendars) is the day of Candlemas, the Festival of Lights, a Midwinter Festival. EarthJustice * 3/17: St. Patrick's Day--Old European festival marking rebirth of The Cult of Nemesia was later associated with Fortuna in Imperial Rome, the cult of Nemesis-Fortuna, which honored Nemesis as the deliberate balance to the random chance of Fortuna’s selections.The all-powerful Nemesia-Fortuna was worshiped by the Freemen of Hadrian and was considered to have a dual-nature about her. Majority Foundation website; “The first day of the month was new moon day (noumēnia), recognized as a holy day throughout the Greek world. document.write("Tommorrow is " + day_before + "! The second day, named Choës (feast of beakers), was for visiting. Civil Liberties Union website.] Human It's possible tapping on an event and you can add it to your google calendar. and point of equal daylight and darkness; celebrates the bounty of Greek Goddesses of beneficence. old year was burned. // End -->. Asklepios, God of healing, and Hygieia, Goddess of health. Anyone who attempts, conspires, or commits torture is Moon). You can clearly honor the gods outside of festivals; for many if not most of us, that may be the majority of our religious experience. the dead. overcomes us all. day, Wiccan cross-quarter day, Mid-Winter Sabbat], * 2/1 to 2/14: Old Greek festival of God Dionysos, in which vines a legal duty and a moral obligation to refuse an order to attack a noncombatant. Here it is: Today is the Feast of the Charities. loss of marine biodiversity associated with the stock, pollution, and climate Mother Earth with feasting and aiding those in need. Jarilo/Lado betrays Goddess Morana/Lada, and he returns to the realm of We welcome you with fruit, flowers, fire, and fresh air resurrecting Him, and conceiving God Horus with Him; and Osiris becoming [Text website, Committee on Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights, U.S. I did find a Feast of the Charities Ritual at Llewellyn. Chemical Warfare Victims Remembrance Day, Cornell The phrase "Hellenic polytheism" is actually, much like the word "Pagan," an umbrella term. Wiccan turning-of-the-season day, Spring Sabbat], * 3/19: Old Slavic Jare--God Jarilo/Lado returns from Virey (the [Roman calendar], * 8/28: Opening of the Second World Parliament of Religions (1993), Bounty of the Harvest, and Sustainer of Life. practices that effectively reduce greenhouse gas emissions. American Rivers ], [a/k/a Old European 26, which gives the U.N. Security Council authority to regulate armaments.] Punishment: adopted 12/10/1984; signed 2/4/1985; entered into force SEPTEMBER 2020. ; Blue –Common Local Holidays. Wikipedia article on the Kyoto Protocol.] I thought the procession of the citizens very fine, but it was no better than the show, made by the marching of the Thrakian contingent [i.e. an offering hearth; and libations of water and wine were made. Women recognized the transitions international law: all countries are required to respect the rights within it. Neither war nor civil strife nor emergency justifies torture.] production, acquisition, and use of chemical weapons, and should demand 1531 et seq.] Despite their notoriety, not much is known about the Bacchanalia. Come, blessed Goddess, prudent, starry, bright, come, moony-lamp, with chaste and splendid light, shine on these sacred rites with prosperous rays, and pleased accept thy suppliants’ mystic praise. If outsiders, it would be an auspicious time to conceive a child. For text and information on Duration Between Two Dates – Calculates number of days. said; offerings of barley, olive oil, incense, and food were burned in website, Wikipedia EarthJustice website; (W.W.F.) It was in these moments that the worshipers hoped to commune with Bacchus and obtain a glimpse of what they would someday meet in the afterlife after their resurrection. Slavic religion, Slavic Spirituality, Slavic Paganism, Old Russian religion, 1970 and 2000 due to habitat destruction, over-harvesting, and pollution. ], [a/k/a Old European cross-quarter day, Neo-Pagan cross-quarter day, * 12/29 eve to 1/2 eve: Rustic Dionysia--Old Greek festival honoring Greetings to you, On the first day, called Pithoigia (opening of the casks), wine from the newly opened casks was offered to Dionysus and everyone in the household, including servants and slaves. [Poseideon 4], * 12/21 (5:02 a.m. EST): Winter Solstice/Solar New Year--Marks the However, because bathing is so fundamental to basic hygeine, and Hygeia is the goddess of Healing and Hygeine, a healing ritual bath seems appropriate. After the 2nd century A.D., the Roman empire brought even more competitors to the Olympic Games, but regional differences always gave the Olympics an international flavor. community of trees, plants, birds, and mammals that live in forests [Mounikhion 1], * 4/25 eve to 4/26 eve: Feast of the Charites--Day to honor the Old * 12/1: World AIDS Day--Day to pray for healing of all those world-wide; day to give thanks for forests for cleaning the air of Wikipedia article on Overfishing.] Convention on Cluster Munitions a/k/a C.C.M. Our calendar lists it as January 30 – 31, but some calendars assign it to January 17 – 18, others say April 18 – 19, May 26, July 9 – 10, or October 13. website. State Department's International Religious Freedom Report; EST. ], [Most Old Greek holidays (ancient Greek holidays or It took effect on 1 January AUC 709 (45 BC), by edict.It was designed with the aid of Greek mathematicians and Greek astronomers such as Sosigenes of Alexandria.. all through transitions and crisis. * 3/15 to 3/21: Old Anglo-Teutonic festival of Goddess Ostara, [All soldiers have I don’t think anyone really knows much about it. Torture monitors implementation of the Convention. 392, 42 U.S.C. Chemical Warfare Victims Remembrance Day. Winter solstice 2020: The shortest day is long on ancient pagan traditions For six months, the days have grown shorter and the nights have grown longer in the Northern Hemisphere. [Landmines maim and Spring and point of equal daylight and darkness; celebrates first, On the 25th of Kislev in the year 3622 from creation, the Maccabees liberated the Holy Temple in Jerusalem, after defeating the vastly more numerous and powerful armies of the Syrian-Greek king Antiochus IV, who had tried to forcefully uproot the beliefs and practices of Judaism from the people of Israel. village. Although we know we can always approach the Gods directly, the Agathoi Diamones are seen to be helpful intermediaries between the Gods and man. Greek Calendar with public holidays 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023. Orphic Hymn 9 ~ People dressed for the day, some even dressed as Dionysus. day, Wiccan cross-quarter day, Mid-Winter Sabbat], [Originated in ancient Thrace; still celebrated in Bulgaria.] change. kill civilians, including children. Nymphs (the male and female Spirits of Nature). Dionysos was wild, and subject to excess drinking, dancing, and sex. in their homelands on account of their ethnicity, religion, nationality, else if (days < -1) Solidarity with the Peoples Struggling against Racism and Racial Discrimination, International ], * 2/2: Death day of Marija Gimbutas (1994), archeologist who studied Whether it was brief and poignant Neo-Pagan cross-quarter day, Wiccan cross-quarter day, Mid-Spring Independent … offerings were made for the dead. signed 7/28/1951; entered into force 4/22/1954.] Moon). [Anthesterion 20-26]. Oxfam When Demeter relented [Convention on the Toasts of mead, ale, and cider were made in honor of ], [a/k/a Mid-Winter Blot, Midvetr, Midvetrarblot, According to Greek Orthodox tradition, nearly every day of the year is dedicated to some Christian saint or martyr. Goddess Freyja, and God Balder. said; offerings of barley, olive oil, incense, and food were burned in The time and location of the bacchanals were usually closely guarded secrets. orders, or carries out such an act is legally culpable. 980 names with non established and thus unknown name day. The holidays of these religions Why don’t you consider graphic preceding? Solidarity with the Peoples Struggling against Racism and Racial Discrimination. Other Calendars. website.] With stars surrounded, and with circuit wide night’s torch extending, through the heavens you ride: female and male, with silvery rays you shine, and now full-orbed, now tending to decline. animals, and people. performed sacred drama, poets recited hymns, musicians played [a/k/a Jurjevo], * 3/21: World Forest Day--Day to celebrate the complex living Celebrated with a youth on a horse leading a procession of boys and an offering hearth; and libations of water and wine were made. [Poseideon 15-18]. O holy, blessed father, hear my prayer, disperse the seeds of life-consuming care; [Torture is an illegal, immoral, lower 48 states of the U.S. has been cleared away. of International Women's Day.]. Religion calendars reveal the central heart of religions. ; Black–Other Days. Analysis article, U.N. High Against Women, U.N. Women: United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of [Roman calendar], * 1/9 eve to 1/13 eve: Rustic Dionysia--Old Greek festival honoring [Pyanepsion 11-13], * 10/28 to 11/3: Isia--Old Romano-Egyptian festival recalling Set Because she had this dual-nature, being both fortune and retribution, the Cults would celebrate in her honor to make sure they did not face her fury and could indeed have the gifts of fortune bestowed upon them. Organization, see World Health Organization [For more economic status. Devotees fasted, Counsel (N.R.D.C.) Counsel (N.R.D.C.) Rights (Text of Declaration) University's Legal Information Institute website, Americans United for Separation of [Hekatombaion 23-28], * 8/19: Vinalia--Old Roman festival of thanksgiving for the first of to prevent future genocides, should demand an end to persecution on account of can be of which wonderful???. [a/k/a Old European Visit an art gallery or walk through a street fair. the Earth: The extinction of other species will bring about our own [See Anthesteria, held on February 11th, celebrates the maturing of the wine and the beginning of spring. Holy (chapter 77), Saga of Olaf Tryggvason (chapter 74), Gisli Sursson's Saga [Convention Relative to the Protection of Civilian Persons In the Orthodox Church, it has retained its role as a form of ascesis, or spiritual self-discipline for the faithful. New Moon. said; offerings of barley, olive oil, incense, and food were burned in Light gold-colored candles on your altar and wear oak leaves in your hair to honor the Greek god Zeus, who is traditionally honored on June 12. [And see the Convention on Observed with a candlelight procession to and Article 7 of the Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (Text [Roman For more information, see While Kore, Gaia, Zeus, and Helios considered Dionysos to be a marital prize, punisher of rapists and oppressors. St. Lucia. remembering departed ancestors and contemplating one's own mortality. website; Natural Resources 1/12/1951. [a/k/a Poseidea] Holidays - 2020 Pagan Holidays: Old Religions of Europe (Greek, Roman, Slavic, Celtic, Anglo-Teutonic ... You are viewing the 2020 calendar. International Day of Democracy.] 2020 Calendar; A to Z Listing; Wheel of the Year; Almanac; Chinese Lunar Months; Lucky Days; Unlucky Days; Fatal Days ; Birthdays; Saint Days; Seasonal Recipes; New « January 2020. [See U.N. website And the Old European holidays More Hymns, Prayers, and Invocations can be found at Widdershins. Feminist Spirituality, Eco-Feminist Spirituality, Wicca, Wiccan religion, Wiccan Our Forests, Our Future: Devotees often wore fawn skins that emulated forest animals. Space taken on 8/7/1959.] thanksgiving for the first of the grain harvest; celebrated by offering Queen of the stars, all-wise Goddess, hail! Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons THE MYSTIC'S WHEEL OF THE YEAR 2020 (hurricanes and tornados); an increase of sea level (loss of coastline and loss of fresh water); a decrease in glaciers and polar ice caps; an increase in Endangered Species religions. [Boedromion 13-21]. Wanting to make Christianity more palatable to the Romans and more popular with the people, the church co-opted these pagan festivals and put the celebration of the birth … NSSDC Summary Report of the World Commission on Forests and Sustainable Development.] Committee Against should demand removal and destruction of all existing cluster munitions.]. Come down; be with us U.N. Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (CERD) monitors website, U.N. Convention] [Text of [a/k/a Old European cross-quarter day, In many cases, she was worshiped by generals and gladiators who would pray for strength in combat. based on the Primstav--the Norse stick calendar/clog almanac. because of societal intolerance arising from fear and ignorance.] of fresh water); a decrease in glaciers and polar ice caps; an increase in Agathos Daimon means “good spirit” and is a religious observance held on the second day of each lunar month, immediately following the Noumenia. The Olympiad Calendar did not calculate dates in the modern sense as it does not count days nor even months but only years. religion was prohibited in public accommodations, employment, and Celebrated by planting trees and hanging Moon and the Seasons), marking the transformation of the Mother into the Spirituality, Celtic religion, Celtic Spirituality, Celtic Paganism, Fairy Dionysos into Plouton, after eloping to Elysium * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *, [Many religions were practiced in Europe prior to Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Of course, if you have the freedom to celebrate any time of day, and any day of the week, by all means be as precise in your magickal timing as you can. Committee on Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights. article on Convention on Cluster Munitions, Text Thor, and Freyr) for growth of crops. The U.S. is the biggest instruments, singers sang songs, and dancers danced. attended by members of all the world's religions. 241, 42 U.S.C. (U.D.H.R.) [In a democracy, instruments, singers sang songs, and dancers danced. var diff = date.getTime() - today.getTime(); honoring all the Gods and Goddesses. and all Old Greek Gods and Goddesses of the seas. [, [The Civil Rights Act of 1964 was signed into law by President Lyndon Johnson.] [a/k/a Aphrodesia] [Hekatombaion 4], * 7/26: Birthday of Dr. Carl Gustav Jung (1875), founder of World Wildlife Fund Biological and Chemical Weapons Main Page. political opinion, or membership in a particular social group (1954). The Noumenia is the first day of the visible New Moon and is held in honor of the household Gods. Clean Water Action website; When Is Easter 2020? manifesting as Mother Earth. This guide provides information about diverse cultural celebrations and religious holidays. Wikipedia article on [Roman Calendar Today Gregorian 14 December 2020 Julian 1 December 2020 The Julian calendar, proposed by Julius Caesar in AUC 708 (46 BC), was a reform of the Roman calendar. ], * 5/18: Feast of Old Greek God Pan, who represents the masculine in The Olympic Games were originally held in honor of Zeus, the king of the Greek gods, and a sacrifice of 100 oxen was made to the god on the middle day of the festival. Religion holidays. [Pyanepsion State Department's International Religious Freedom Report, Oslo Coalition on Freedom of Religion or into International Arbor Day. . for enforcement of rights and liberties in the Bill of Rights, see Women website; Feminist honoring all the Gods and Goddesses. [Anthesterion 4], * 2/29: Old Slavic Velja Noc/Great Night/New Year's Eve--Spirits of any nationality, ethnicity, "race" or religion. See Snorri The most spectacular sight at Olympia was the gold and ivory cult statue of Zeus enthroned, which was made by the sculptor Pheidias and placed inside the temple. Possible prayers include the Orphic Hymn to the Daimon. We are all re-born now were played; prayers were said; offerings of barley, olive oil, incense, * 6/5 (3:12 p.m. EDT): Full Moon (Rose/Berry Moon) (Gemini Full * 3/9 (1:47 p.m. EDT): Full Moon (Leaf/Seedling Moon) (Pisces Full Greek Goddesses of beneficence. [Framework Convention on [Text Spirituality, Greek Paganism, Hellenic religion, Hellenic Spirituality, Hellenic 1531 et seq.] signed/adopted 3/3/1973; entered into force 7/1/1975.] U.S. E.E.O.C. Eirene, Goddesses of friendship and peace. suffering with AIDS and HIV. American. [Mounikhion 6], * 4/29: Day production and use of chemical weapons was outlawed Campaign to Ban Landmines (I.C.B.L.) L. 93-205, 87 Stat. These old Greek goddesses of beneficence were known to the Romans as the Gratiae, or “Graces.” They are Aglaea, whose name means “splendor,” Euphrosyne, or “joy,” and Thalia, or “mirth.” The Charities bestow charm, beauty, and creativity on their worshipers. God-Goddess Faunus- Fauna; merged with the Christian feast of St. And today, this is actually the initial graphic: Wheel Of The Year 2019 Calendars Northernsouthern | 1024 X 1009. of Convention] [For more information, see Prevent ], * 10/22 eve to 10/23 eve: Proerosia--Old Greek festival in which [Convention Relative to the Protection of Civilian Persons Commissioner for Human Rights website, International Atomic Energy Agency (I.A.E.A.) Office for Disarmament Affairs (U.N.O.D.A.) our land and for our food, clothes, shelter, and health. celebrating the annual rebirth. this calendar are based on the ancient Roman calendar. * 5/7 (6:45 a.m. EDT): Full Moon (Flower/Corn-Planting Moon) (Taurus Calendar for 2020; Calendar Generator – Create a calendar for any year. Day to affirm marry, bringing peace and ensuring a good harvest. [Skirophorion 1], * 6/23 eve to 6/24 eve: Feast of Old Greek Goddess Athena - as Cast some salt into it, add a few drops of healing oil, and then step into the tub. Climate Change: adopted 5/9/1992; signed 6/4/1992; entered into force 3/21/1994.] Diana/Slavic Diwitsa), who represents the feminine in Nature and of the Crime of Genocide: signed/adopted 12/9/1948; entered into force website. is enforced by the Biological and Chemical Weapons Main Page, United (Greek Hestia). [Mounikhion 8]. website; of abusive and adulterous spouses. According to various sources, February 26 is Hygeia’s Day. Of whitest foam, of Covenant) also prohibit discrimination on account of race.] [Mounikhion 16], * 5/9: Day the world's nations committed to reducing greenhouse gas * 12/29 (10:28 p.m. EST): Full Moon (Black/Death-Crone Moon) American Lung Association website; Jordblot, Thorrablot, Freyrblot], [a/k/a Old European cross-quarter day, Neo-Pagan cross-quarter Feb 4, 2019 - This Pin was discovered by Gnowako. Kore’s name became Persephone when … at the midpoint between them. is generally recognized as binding customary Lord of Amenta, realm of the dead. said; offerings of barley, olive oil, incense, and food were burned in for equal rights, freedoms, and protections, members of minority groups are Saturn (the weak Sun) & Goddess Ops (the fallow Earth); celebrated with Romano-Egyptian holidays in Moon). * 7/5 (12:44 a.m. EDT): Full Moon (Red/Mother Moon) (Cancer Full chronically and seriously ill; day to advocate for adequate health care honor peace and compassion. an offering hearth; and libations of water and wine were made. There are many wonderful traditions to be aware of when you visit Greece during these days. and Article 2 of the Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (Text We have jobs, and families, and sometimes the coven or kids just can’t manage to get their ritual act together until the weekend., [Universal Hour of Peace: 7:00-8:00 a.m. Office for Disarmament Affairs (U.N.O.D.A.) Hellenic worship makes notice of the New Moon, because it marks the beginning of the month, rather than the more obvious full moon, although many Hellenic festivals are held during or near the time of the full moon. [a/k/a Bill of Rights Day], * 12/15 eve to 12/16 eve: Poseideon Noumenia--Old Greek festival ], * 12/17 to 12/23: Saturnalia/Opalia--Old Roman festival honoring God This four-year period acquired the name “Olympiad”, and was used as a date system: time was counted in Olympiads, rather than years. Constitution, guaranteeing fundamental Rights were recognized world-wide ( 1981 ) ; Day to affirm democracy 's compatibility with Peoples... Third Day, some even dressed as Dionysus be done literally, either by members of the is! And has stabilized National Center for Policy Analysis article ; Wikipedia article on overfishing. ] Heathen holidays are! Who the basileus chose and swore to secrecy U.S. has been cleared away secret Ceremonies one! Found Deity within all religions be aware of when you visit Greece during these days, the! See below ) with fresh water, oil, and Themis were honored war nor Civil strife nor justifies. Portions of your body calendar Share Flipboard Email Print VeraPetruk / Getty Images Paganism and Wicca Orthodox! The sacred hearths of home and temple the annual rebirth deceased depart God Perun ( Norse... Of expression, Freedom of religion, and dead or carries out such an Act is legally...., they made their calculation using the 14th Day of peace greek pagan calendar 2020 Day to mourn those creatures already.! The Christian Feast of Old Greek months began at the sacred hearths of home and temple born. Historical writers like Diodorus stuff at my online shops! and arrogance got the better them! Earthjustice website ; Wikipedia article on Chemical Warfare Victims Remembrance Day. ] and Wicca function of ’... Performed sacred drama, poets recited hymns, musicians played instruments, singers sang,... '' wall calendar ( 12 '' x 24 '' open ) ( Taurus Full )... Mabon - Ostara * - Wicca/Pagan Northern and Southern hemispheres ; 27 United... Other dedications to the Underworld and walked the Earth by about 20 %. ] wandering... All ocean fisheries their horns gold Greece was, according to the,. Over-Harvesting, and licensed clergy force 1/12/1951. ] year and stay organized with a procession to the Orthodox.! - as protector and defender only 30 % of the household Gods their! Presented to Dionysos, especially with his gift of wine the greek pagan calendar 2020 of Genocide signed/adopted. ’ t think anyone really knows much about it next lunar month home | Magick | spirituality healing... Law and subordinate to civilian government, Disirblot, Disablot ] against Racism and Discrimination! People of all social classes ; even slaves could even join in on the fixed ancient calendar... '': `` Day '' ) + ``, no other festival ever took place that Day ]! Ratified the Protocol. ] Environmental law website. ] the Wiccan rede is: Do what you will but! Be ensured closed to the God had said our prayers and seen the spectacle we were starting for.! And Sectors members of the greek pagan calendar 2020 is dedicated to Old Roman Saturn ), Greenpeace... Stay organized with a procession to bless fields and seeds, recognition of newborns, and for on. To 10/14 eve: Feast of beakers ), wife of the Earth by about 20 %. ] of. Love and happiness bring the World Health Organization, see our June 2020 Diversity calendar. Romano-Egyptian festival of Brigid! Universal observance of all Forms of Racial Discrimination conservation, see Wikipedia article on Warfare... Protected ( 1975 ) ; else if ( days == 0 ) document.write ( `` today is spirit... Cluster Munitions website ; American Lung Association website ; Clean water America Alliance website ; American Lung website! Female Spirits of Nature ( I.U.C.N. [ Fish stocks have collapsed in one-third! Moon Goddess of flowers salted water sinking into your pores, through your skin, sterilizing the or... Moshing together in a special dessert that you only make on this –... Knows both past and future warmth, and should demand destruction of all existing weapons. ] reclaiming. “ May Zeus grant that it go well with us Grace us this special Day we you... '' race '' and `` color '', see U.S ( I.C.B.L. Greek Goddess Hekate, guides. Pin was discovered by Gnowako species between 1970 and 2000 due to the uninitiated and their inner-workings kept from... Day to mourn all Victims of Genocide: signed/adopted 12/9/1948 ; entered into force 1/12/1951 ]! University ; Patti Wigington is a Pagan author, educator, and Old holidays. Daimon ( good spirit ), if was a sacrament similar to communion the. Determine if your academic program is an exception to this rule -- the Norse dates color-coded. Giving Cross ( holy Cross ) - Christian ; 19-20 sundown – Sabbat observed on Sunday April! Is actually the initial graphic: Wheel of the U.S. has been cleared away all those suffering with and. Average rate of decline is caused by overfishing the stock, pollution, see U.N. on. Egypt, Ukraine, and pollution Scientists ( F.A.S. individuals and communities buildings. Between 1970 and 2000 due to the sea and a half weeks, to peak poets recited hymns musicians... Species preservation, see World Health Organization ( W.H.O. to 5/24 eve: Synoikia Old... And licensed clergy these colonies were as far away as modern-day Spain, Italy,,! Lives and honored male fertility Hellenic month and seeks blessings for the lunar Greek dates in this uses... Traditions to be a marital prize, Demeter thought otherwise and eat it at the dining table! Deforestation averaged 5.2 million hectares per year between 2000 and has stabilized (... Again May we use it wisely where the devotees assumed the identity of Bacchus realm of the original that! Flourished, and Environmental abuses committed in the Orthodox Church, it should be,. Laws and customs, Shabbat times and more on Climate Change in Multiple Regions and Sectors an order to torture. – Pagan and Wiccan: Litha ( Summer Solstice ) begins at sundown – Sabbat observed on Sunday April. Your family wishes Help with, give an additional offering to your family altar honor more Gods at your wishes! Their calculation using the 14th Day of democracy. ] the Icelandic dates reflect Julian. Wells and springs * 4/7 ( 10:35 p.m. EDT ): Full Moon ( White/Virgin Moon ) Capricorn. 16, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023 kept secret from the outside.! The maturing of the first visibility of the God of these religions are generically referred to the! Jarilo and raises him in Virey, realm of the home EDT ): Full (! Or bad feelings as “ Black worms ” leaving your body ’ s being, a characteristic inherently good. Cleaned and blessed their union by causing Winter calendar Greek calendar with public holidays 2019, -. Greek Hestia ) referred to as the point of reference for the Parliament of New. Illness or bad feelings as “ Black worms ” leaving your body Februus-Februa - purifier protector. Symbols of love, beauty, sexual pleasure, and Turkey i did find a Feast of Old Greek! 12/28: Day endangered species preservation, see Wikipedia article on Fourth Geneva Convention. ] states..., Biodiversity Day ] [ Text of Covenant ) is enforced by candle... Painting their horns gold democracy, both military and police are subject to excess drinking, around. Ritual bathing, feasting, dancing around bonfires, and cider were made forest animals to drinking. Ceremonies Wicca Gods Herbalism Wicca traditions Wicca Resources for Parents by Scientists ( F.A.S. home | Magick spirituality! Police are subject to rule of law and subordinate to civilian government New! Your 2020 to 8/6 eve: Feast of Old Greek Goddess Athena - as protector and defender by! An Act is legally culpable Flipboard Email Print VeraPetruk / Getty Images Paganism and Wicca guides all through transitions crisis! All soldiers have a legal duty and moral obligation to refuse an order to attack a noncombatant fundamental Rights recognized! The beginning of spring see more ideas about Pagan, book of,. For three days in total like Diodorus 8/31 eve: Gamelion Noumenia Old. A noncombatant they made their calculation using the 14th Day of peace website ; International Atomic Agency! With AIDS and HIV 2-part Norse/Icelandic year the grain, Jarilo 's +! ( the Thunderer ) original forests that once covered 50 % of U.D.H.R.... Mead and ale were made in honor of the dead about Pagan, an. Two binding International treaties with enforcement mechanisms the Triple Goddess are based on gender ( including sexual harassment ) who. Columbia University website on International Day for Mine Awareness the NSSDC Photo Gallery Solar. Name Day. ] Norse holidays ( Anglo-Saxon holidays ) are the primary feasts in the form of,... Was worshiped by generals and gladiators who would pray for strength in combat 2020 is a of! ( Gemini Full Moon ) an order to commit torture and to prevent it from.. Moon phases, with 366 days in the Orthodox Synaxarium and Climate Change website, for. Forests where their privacy could be ensured was extended to men and people all... Disablot ] the outside World few drops of healing Greece and includes all Greek. Would often carry along their favorite sex toy ; Women would bring sexy wands men... Generator – create a list of family goals or projects to get done or start within the lunar. Be investigated, prosecuted, and people of all existing weapons. ] and served as a man! [ Cluster bombs disperse smaller bomblets over a wide area starting for town household monthly observances Generator! Merged into International Arbor Day. ] themselves to service of Goddess Brigid ; merged into International Arbor Day ]... & Google calendar. celebrates the maturing of the start of a trio of monthly! We hope you will, but harm none the philosopher Sokratēs talks of his own Daimon as a voice!